Called to pray

Hey all! I hope that your New Years’ was fabulous and that you are now on your way to being successful at the goals that you set (if you did).

I am not going to write a long story tonight, but I do want to bring to your attention the fact that the formal impeachment trial of President Trump will be held tomorrow Tuesday, January 21st.  While I realize that not everyone agrees with my views on this impeachment I do want to exhort all of you who believe in Jesus Christ to PRAY, pray that the truth will be revealed in the impeachment trial, that everyone involved in this process will realize the complete truth and make the correct decision based off of the actual evidence given, not based on feelings, personal likes or dislikes, etc.  This is a crucial time in the history of the United States of America and we cannot sit idle! Our future freedom and the fate of our country could potentially be at stake here, and those of us who are believers in Jesus know that we have power to change invents with prayer, we must not be idle and then complain later when our rights are being taken away.  In the Bible we are told to pray for those who are in authoritative positions so that we can lead quiet and peaceable lives, lets do that now! Will you join me tonight, tomorrow, and this next week in prayer for the President, and for everyone else involved?  A philosophy that has been passed around in my family, and that I agree with is, if we are not doing something to change a problem, we have no right to complain about it. So, let’s do something now, even if most of us are not able to be present in the courtroom, we do have the ability to ask our Father in heaven to intervene and to open the eyes and ears of those who are blind and deaf to the truth so that they may receive the truth. Let’s not be pacifists, lets hide in our closets and pray an army of Angels into action!

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Author: farmerhappygoose

I am a 23 year old believer in Jesus Christ. I love the outdoors, I love learning and if you ask me what the most important thing in life is I would say people are.

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