Good morning!  Hope you are faring well and are staying healthy and mentally awake as we are navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this time I have been doing a lot of bike riding around our area and have been enjoying being able to watch spring unfold in the form of leafing out trees, blooming flowers, hatching robins, planting gardens, etc. It is truly amazing how many different plants God has made, and that they all have a purpose and are useful in some way!  Take plantain for example, it is a relatively simple plant that most people treat as a weed. It can be seen as a pest since it grows just about everywhere, alongside of driveways, sidewalks, in your yard, in the woods, the pasture…you get the idea. But, did you know that plantain has a ton of useful properties?20200524_083436

This plant has been used for hundreds of year for its deobstruent (ability to clear the fluid ducts of the body), and astringent properties.  It is most commonly known to be used for the removal of poison from the site of a bee sting, spider or snake bite, poison ivy rash, etc.  By harvesting a few healthy leaves from the plant and either crushing them between two hard surfaces (mortar and pestle for example) or chewing the leaves to form a paste that you generously apply to the sting site the properties in this plant will work to draw out the poison that causes the unpleasant swelling reaction in your body.    This plant has also be used for its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.  I found the above specimen on my ride the other day and thought that I would share a little tidbit of information on it with you.  (Please note that I am not a doctor and therefore have no ability to prescribe the use of this plant for treatment of anyone’s sickness or injury, If you choose to use this plant I claim no responsibility if something goes wrong. I simply have an interest in the medicinal uses and properties of herbs and want to share that information with others.)  I am personally very fond of this plant as it was one of the first herbs that I was taught to identify and use as a child, if someone got a bee sting that was the first plant to look for and apply to the area. Yucky to chew? Maybe, but it sure worked!



Author: farmerhappygoose

I am a 23 year old believer in Jesus Christ. I love the outdoors, I love learning and if you ask me what the most important thing in life is I would say people are.

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