Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you are enjoying this fabulous day that long ago was chosen as a day that we, Americans, would celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independance and thus the freedom to be a country of our own.  I have been thinking over the past couple of days about the freedom that we as Americans enjoy, and then also about the freedom that we as believers in Jesus Christ enjoy. Both freedoms were bought for a price.  Not a monetary price like that we pay for a loaf of bread, or even to buy someone out of jail, but the price of blood, and of lives laid down for the sake of others. As Americans we have the freedom to live as we choose, we can have our own businesses, make our own decisions regarding healthcare, religion and what house we buy. We choose every four years who we want to guide our country, and who we want to be in charge of our individual states, any one of us could choose to participate in making decisions for our country. But, we have all of that and more because of the sacrifices that soldiers have been making since before the official founding of our country, they voluntarily went to, and still go to war so that this country can be free.  That is a huge sacrifice, and one worthy of being remembered. But, I can think of one even greater that is more important and more freeing than anything else in this world. This  is the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. He chose to die a horrible death so that all of the sin (wrong doings, thoughts etc.) in this world would be covered in His perfect blood and thus not be charged to those that believe in Him. Y’all this is the best freedom of all. Sin has no power over us because it is washed away by the blood of Jesus!! It has been a wonder in my mind as I have been thinking about this because I know that no matter where I, or any other believer is we can still enjoy being completely free from the guilt of doing wrong, and what’s more, we don’t have to do wrong!!! As I was laying in bed the other night I was just feeling off, I felt kind of moody, and distant from God so I asked Him, “Where are you?” Do you know what He said back to me? “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” What comfort it brought to me as I was able to rest in the fact that He is always with me. So, not only are those of us who believe in Jesus free from the sin that before we were enslaved in, but we also have the comfort of knowing that Jesus is always right there with us, so we have no need of being lonely either!! Hallelujah!!  Now, go enjoy some fireworks and summer food, knowing that we can do so in freedom!!!


Author: farmerhappygoose

I am a 23 year old believer in Jesus Christ. I love the outdoors, I love learning and if you ask me what the most important thing in life is I would say people are.

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