Success! The chickens have been contained.

Good morning! I hope that you all had a lovely night’s rest and are ready to greet this day with a song in your heart, a smile on your face, and if nothing else with a good strong cup of coffee and a thanks to our wonderful Lord for creating caffeine. I told you about my latest endeavor of trying to keep my hens contained so they are not running all over kingdom come and messing up gardens, laying eggs in the horse trailer etc. Well, apparently I didn’t clip their wings properly or they are just super birds and can fly with unbalanced wings, when I let them out of the coop a couple days after moving they all found their way out of the fenced-in yard and were running all over the place. I didn’t have much time to fiddle around with a new fencing configuration since the clipping of the wings obviously did not work for these girls so, they got confined to the coop and were not allowed out until I was able to come up with some brilliant fencing idea. I did not want to enclose the area with mesh netting, or any kind of netting for that matter since that stuff is such a pain to work with, and too often becomes all tangled up because the stuff likes to grab everything. So, as I was thinking it came to me that the hens only fly up to the top of the hard-edged sides of the fence and then hop down, they use the wood like a landing board and jumping off place. So, if I were able to somehow make that spot unsteady they wouldn’t be able to hold on to jump down, or better yet, why not make it so that they cannot fly up and grab onto anything? Our neighbor had given us some older wire fencing that he was getting rid of a while ago, so I wanted try and use that instead of going out and buying something special. I decided that I would attach it to the top of the hard fence with wire and support the top side at an angel leaning into the chicken yard with some of the PVC fence posts that I had.  When I was finished setting it up it looked like some sort of a prison yard, minus the rolls of barbed wire up on the top(we have set up quite a few of these interesting looking places to contain different animals lol). I then decided to test out this interesting looking piece of handy work, greatly hoping for the best. The doors for the hens were opened and after that first day I discovered, much to the joy of both my mom and myself that the results were fabulous! We did not have any chickens escape!! For all the efforts on their part those girls are not getting out to destroy gardens and flower beds! And no skunk or possum should be able to get in either. Hip – hip hurray! Y’all, when having troubles with containing an animal, if you are not interested in having that particular animal for supper, or donating to a good cause build a prison yard, it works! ….Some of the time 🙂 . Have a fabulous day!!


Author: farmerhappygoose

I am a 23 year old believer in Jesus Christ. I love the outdoors, I love learning and if you ask me what the most important thing in life is I would say people are.

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