Spring update

Hiya! I hope you are all doing wonderfully after a fabulous winter. I must say that I am very glad that spring is finally here! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE winter. Nothing beats the glorious sight of snow sparkling in the sun like diamonds, the brightness of the stars when the temps get to being around thirty-below freezing, or the laughter that rings through the air as snow forts are built, snowballs fly at moving targets, and the wheels on your car (with NO 4-wheel drive, and minimal clearance) lose traction and you slide into a relatively small snowbank and end up getting stuck. But, when March comes around and you have already been looking at seed catologs for weeks, and the chicken emails start coming in, at least for this girl, the longing for soil under the fingernails and the smell of the outdoors starts becoming a pressing need and you get restless and somewhat impatient for spring. Thankfully though we can start seeds indoors, it helps to satisfy that gardeners itch! So, after starting lots of seeds and watching the sprout and grow, we got one last gorgeous snow storm in April (the flakes were giant!) and a small flurry in the beginning of May, it is now time to prepare the gardens for planting.   This year, before being able to prepare the garden beds I had to make sure that the hens were all penned up and were not in a position to make a mess of all the mulch and baby plants. I was able to successfully overwinter the hens and geese in the mobile hen house that I built last year, but this spring we have been having trouble keeping them contained and out of the flower beds. I have yet to figure out a good fencing situation that would work well with the mobile house, especially since I don’t have enough space to have the girls completely free-range without causing chaos wherever they go. So, I decided this week to go to my plan “C” (plan B was the chicken tractor but that’s a different story) of using our stationary coop that I used as a brooder last year and fencing in a chicken run around that building so that they are still able to roam around, just not get into the gardens. Before I completed the fencing, I looked up clipping chicken wings and learned that if you get a sharp scissors and just snip the tip off of the main wing feathers this causes the chicken to lose balance for flying, and will thus inhibit them from flying over fences. Since this doesn’t harm the bird in any way I decided that I would give it a try. So, over the past few days I have been cleaning out the coop, putting up fence, and clipping wing feathers after dark. I moved the hens to the “new” coop last night and I plan on leaving them in there for a couple of days so they get accustomed to laying eggs in this coop and will consider it to be home. If this plan does work out then on to the gardens I will go! I will try and keep y’all updated on how this works out, but until then, I hope you all have a happy Friday!











Author: farmerhappygoose

I am a 23 year old believer in Jesus Christ. I love the outdoors, I love learning and if you ask me what the most important thing in life is I would say people are.

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