New update.

Hey there! I come to you with an new update on the farm and also some fun pictures! I was looking around for a new camera over the past week or two because (so I thought) mine had deceased.  I had found a couple that would work but didn’t get either because I am new to the world of online bidding (you’re supposed to place your bid BEFORE the bidding closes) 🙂 . Oh well, today I thought I would try and see if my old and deceased camera would work, just once more. So not knowing what else to do I put new batteries in it and pushed the ‘on’ button. It worked! Apparently I didn’t have new batteries the last time I tried that. 🙂 I will still be looking at upgrading but for now I at least have some pictures to share with you!

Running in the sun!

Since the weather has been so nice I have been getting the geese out for fresh air and lots of grass. Aren’t they cute?! I have never had geese before now but I had heard  that they could be mean, I got them to guard the chickens but I didn’t want them to be mean to people so I made a point to socialize them while they were in a brooder in the house. Well, I think I may have done a bit of overkill in that area as they now think that my family and I are “mamma” and panic when we are two or three feet away from them

Enjoying the ‘bird’ bath while my mom was pulling weeds.

. It is adorable but I hope that they will be just as attached to the chickens and will stay by them when I put them out in the field.  Speaking of chickens… the broilers are just about ready to head outdoors as they have most of their feathers and the weather is warm enough. The little hens are a bit behind the broilers in growth rate, but that is expected and wanted, they are not eating themselves into maturity but are rather enjoying the hunt for bugs and various greens that are thrown into the pen. They should be able to go out in about two or so weeks.  My mom and I are very similar when it comes to the feedmill during spring time when the shipments of chicks come in. Since there are always extras or rejects it is not unheard of for one or the other of us to come home saying “They were so cute, and they were extra’s which means they didn’t have a home! How could I just leave them?”  Needless to say… 😉 there are now eight new chicks in the coop. I partitioned off a sections of the coop for the newbies because mingling them with the bigger bird would not be a good idea, they would more than likely be pecked to death or sat on and suffocated. These new chicks are fun and exotic breeds so they will add variety and color to the otherwise black flock.  A few of them will lay white eggs, a few will have those fun top hats that make the bird look like it has an overgrown afro (can they even see?!), and the rest are going to just add interest to the flock.

The other day my brother Levi and I moved the large hog feeder into the pig paddock so there would be a constant supply of feed available, in addition to the grass, roots and bugs they find.  Eventually I would like to  use grain only as a supplementary option but due to my inexperience and the layout of the land that I am working with right now that is not a reality.  It took the three little (times two plus one;) ) pigs a short while to figure out that if they lift one of the lids on the feeder and stick their face into it they would get feed. It is funny to hear the banging of the lids as they eat their bedtime snack.  I think they are all very happy about the new arrangement. I know that I sure am! I don’t need to worry about feeding them three times a day and dealing with wasted feed as they fight over who gets their nose in which spot of the feed pan.


I have started putting apple cider vinegar into the water of all the animals. It is good for the health of the animals and it also helps to prevent the waterers from growing algae. I am hoping that it will help to clear up some problems, such as goopy eyes on our cats and a few pasty butts for the chicks.

We’ve been working on getting our straw bale gardens set up. Last week we were able to get some organic straw bales from a local farmer which is  a huge blessing as we try and do our best limiting the amount of chemicals used on our farm.  Levi, the awesome boy! Set up the t-posts and 2×4’s  for the trellised veggies we plan on growing in the bales, and today we worked on seasoning the bales. Over the weekend my mom and two of my brothers got some more bales and we set them up on the hill that I overwintered the horse and donkeys on.


We will use those bales for our viney fruits that are too heavy for a trellis. We seasoned the bales with an organic fertilizer and water. Sprinkling some of the fertilizer on the top of the bale that is standing upright, and then drenching the bale with water. Fun Fact: Hose nozzles are very beneficial to your health, they provide different setting to spray your siblings with, they promote vigorous health (especially if the water coming out is cold) and produce tons of laughter which strengthens the immune system!

That’s all for now! I would love to hear questions, comments, or tips from you! I hope you all had a good a week! Until next time…. 🙂 .


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I am a 23 year old believer in Jesus Christ. I love the outdoors, I love learning and if you ask me what the most important thing in life is I would say people are.

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